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Dr. Patrick Malone

About Patrick Malone

Patrick Malone

I am a quantitative and social psychologist. I bring sophisticated and novel approaches to statistical modeling for behavioral and social research, with a particular focus on the developmental and prevention sciences.

Malone Quantitative contributes advanced statistical skills to research in the social, behavioral, and behavioral health domains.

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Key Experience

Major Research Awards

Research Achievements

88 peer–reviewed publications and 5 chapters in edited volumes, including publications in:

Major Projects

Advanced Skills

Advanced data analysis skills with focus on structural equation modeling, mixture (latent class) modeling, mediated effects evaluation, and longitudinal data analysis. Further skills in missing data accommodation, causal inference, factor analysis, and measurement modeling. Expert in SAS/STAT and Mplus, with experience in R, AMOS, and Mx.

Business Capabilities

Secure file transfer and document sharing via dedicated account or sFTP; encrypted local file systems; encrypted local backups; dataset format translation capabilities; Mac OS X and Windows 10 .